General Information

Company Name: Misr Hotels "Egyptian joint stock subsidiary"

Address: 28 Hussein Wasef St. - Dokki - Giza

Director of Investor Relations:Saad Sabrr Ali - Head of securities sector

Telephone numbers: 37612441

Fax: 37612355 - 37612357

Date of registration:13/11/2013

Number of releases: Ten releases

Number of registeredshares: 13.2 million shares

Commercial Registration number: 16869 Giza

Date of registration in the commercial register: 15/12/1955 valid till 09/05/2055 and consecutively renewed

Tax ID number: 619-395-100 large financiers' center valid until 03/12/2017


Company Duration: Fifty Years started in 1959 and ended in 2009 and a presidential decree has been issued to extend the company's business for another twenty-five years more ending in 2034 and then another presidential decree has been issued to extended the company's business for another renewable twenty years ending in 2059.

Fiscal year: The company fiscal year starts on the first of July and ends bythe end of June of the following year 

Auditor name:the Central Auditing Organization (department of monitoring tourism and hotels accounts)

Headquarters of the company: 28 Street Hussein Wassef- Dokki-Giza - Tel: (0020) 37610586 \ 37610587 - Fax: (0020)37,610,246 

Company branches:
1. TalaatHarb Square - Cairo
2. Marouf Street - Cairo

The last date of registration in the stock market: 13- 11- 2013

Sister companies: EGOTH - Misr Tourism - AlMamoura Company - Misr Company for Sound and Light


Board Of Directors:

MR. Amr Attia Ahmed Gomaa

CEO & Managing director

MR. Hessien Radwan


Mr. Mohamed Hany

عضو مجلس ادارة (ذوى الخبرة)

Mr. Hisham Zaazou

Head of the company's trade union committe

MRs. Nihal Hassan Kamal

عضو مجلس ادارة (ذوى الخبرة)

Executive managers :

Mr. Mohmoud Moustafa

Head of the financial sector

Ms.Aisha Eissa Mohamed

Head of the Legal Sector

Engineer.Maged Kamal

head of Engineering sector